The History

From before 1100 AD until the end of 1700 AD it has in fact been first a church, and then a monastery of the holy order of Saint Biagio and Cataldo from Venice, founded by the first abbess: the blessed Giuliana from Collalto, who repaired it at the middle of the 1200s. Albarea monastery was the inland headquarter of the Monastery of Venice that was built on the water, on the island of Giudecca. After the closing of the convents because of a law of Napoleon, on the foundations of the Giudecca convent of Venice the well known "Molino Stucky" was built; instead the Albarea Convent, nevertheless conserving its original structure, has become a private Villa and then the summer residence of the Rizzi family: generation of business men, engineers and doctors, up to the present owner, the physician Pierluigi Rizzi, who has been living here since the late sixties and has gone on restoring it in accordance with the "Sovraintendenza alle Belle Arti of Venice" and the "Ville Venete Institute". He is helped by his aristocratic wife, Aida, psychologist and musician, that in these years has looked after the works and restores, that organizes cultural events and that together with her husband personally welcomes the guests.

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